NEC LLC                                            Mechanical + Electrical Engineers
Naranjo Engineering Consultants



Engineering Design Services

·         Preliminary Design Criteria

·         Survey of Existing Conditions

·         Feasibility Analysis

·         Schematic Design

·         Design Development

·         Final Design


Construction Services

·         Contract Documents

·         Specifications

·         Bid Processing

·         Contract Negotiations

·         Shop Drawing Review

·         Field Inspections

·         As-builts Documents

·         Cost Estimating


Energy Management

·         Energy Calculations

·         Load Calculations

·         Energy Audits

·         Energy Analysis

·         Energy Retrofit


Additional Services

·         Standby & Emergency Generators

·         UPS and Computer Systems Installations

·         Lightning Protection Systems

·         Fire Alarm Systems

·         Lighting Design

·         Photometric Studies

·         40-Year Recertifications

·         Insurance Reports

·         Building Reports

·         Engineering Inspections & Evaluations

·         Field Supervision

·         Facilities Evaluation

·         Cost Control Analysis

·         Life Cycle Analysis

·         Value Engineering

·         Feasibility Studies

·         Engineering Analysis

·         Code Compliance

·         Utility Systems Design

·         Liaison Services

·         Bidding & Purchasing Assistance

Naranjo Engineering Consultants LLC (NEC) is a multi-disciplined mechanical and electrical design firm that has been providing consulting engineering services for over 30 years.  

Engineering Disciplines

·    Mechanical

·    HVAC

·    Plumbing

·    Electrical

·    Fire Protection

As a performance oriented group, we become participants
during the earliest design stages to assure criteria is both feasible and practical.  Our commitment to the client is to produce and deliver quality work on time.

The firm has a solid reputation based on residential, commercial, and institutional work both here and abroad, as well as projects with Dade County Aviation Department, DCSB and the health related industry. Design team members are well versed, experienced professionals whose selection for the job is based on how their technical background relates to the assignment.

Scope of Services
Engineering services package includes preliminary meeting with client to establish criteria, review of plans from conception through final design phase, pre-bid conference, shop drawing review and evaluation, and support required during construction phases. Additional services can be provided as requested by client to include but not be limited to construction estimates, bid evaluation, value engineering studies, field inspections, and additional construction administration services.