NEC LLC                                            Mechanical + Electrical Engineers
Naranjo Engineering Consultants

The following is a summary list selected projects.  Additional information may be provided on a per job basis as requested



Dynaire/Braniff Offices, American

   Airlines Relocat. Program,

   Concourse D

CBM Offices, American Airlines

   Relocat. Program, Concourse G

American Airlines Bus Drive

   Ticket Counters, Concourse D

American Airlines Ticket Counter

   Construction Supervision,

   Concourse D

Baggage Handling Facility Storm

   Drainage, Concourse D

American Airlines CCTV Security

   Camera System, Concourse D

American Airlines Baggage

   Handling Conveyor Feasibility

   Study, Concourse D

Challenge Airlines Cargo (CAC)

   Inspection & Evaluation Report

Challenge Airlines Cargo (CAC)

   Bldg. Expansion & Remodeling

Smoke Tests & Mechanical Equip.

   Evaluation, Concourses D & E

American Airlines Tenant Relocat.

   Program, Concourses D, E & G

DCAD Code Compliance Study,

   Concourse D, E, F & G

Expansion to American Eagle

   Satellite Building E-1

American Eagle Satellite Building

   Lift Station Relocation 

Commodore Airlines Office

   Relocation, Concourse G

Central Chiller and Cogeneration

   Plant East*

Central Utilities Corridor East*

Central Chiller and Cogeneration

   Plant East*

FPL CCPE Interface Study*

Modular Central Chiller Plant

   Facility Feasibility &

   Evaluation Study*

Magnetic Card Lane and Access

   Gate, Parking Struct. 2 & 3,

   Concourse B & D*

Concourse D Apron & New Link*

Concourse B Concessions*

Concourse D Extension and Fuel


Concourse F Switchgear Room





American Airlines Gates 5, 7 & 8

   400 Cycle Service, Conc. D

American Airlines Satellite

   Crewbase, Concourse D

American Airlines Tenant

   Improvement Facil., Conc. D

American Airlines Terminal Ticket

   Counters, Concourse D

Outdoor Baggage Handling

   Conveyors, Concourse D




American Airlines Ticket Counter


American Airlines Crewbase

   Facility Remodeling



Gables Terrace Condos, Coral Way

   & Hernando, Coral Gables, Fl

Golden Anchor Club Condos,

   Venezuela, S.A.

Normandy Apartments, Coral

   Springs, Fl

Troncoconut Townhomes Develop.,

   Coconut Grove, Fl

Lakeview Apartments, Miami, Fl

Empire Apartments, M.Beach, Fl

Hialeah Lakes Townhouse

   Development, Hialeah, Fl

Plantation Harbour Point

   Townhouses, Ft Lauderdale, Fl

Centre Plaza Apartments,

   Orlando, Fl

Burgeaux Bay Estates,

   Netherlands Antilles

Biscayne Senior Housing (HUD),

   Homestead, Fl




Bayshore Village by Lazarus

   Develop., Coconut Grove, Fl

Cypress Point at Royal Palms,

   Pembroke Pines, Fl

Willow Point Development, Coconut

   Grove, Miami Fl

Pinecrest Development, Miami, Fl

Showcase Homes, Boca Raton, Fl

Hidden Valley Develop., Miami, Fl

Dadeland Park Develop., Miami, Fl

Andrare Development Corporation,

   Miami, Fl




Socol Residence, Cocoplum, Fl

Mr. Shetfall Residence, Coral

   Gables, Fl

Mr.& Mrs. Kline House, Gables

   Estates, Fl

Atrio Residence, Cocoplum, Fl

S.Johansen Residence, Seaside, Fl

Luciano Cacciamani Residence,

   Coconut Grove, Fl

Mr.& Mrs. Robles Residence, Key

   Biscayne, Fl

Mr. Gomez-Lopez Residence, Boca

   Raton, Fl

Barzana Residence, Cocoplum, Fl

Lipman Residence, C.Gables, Fl

Mr. & Mrs Lenz Residence, Indian

   Creek, Miami Beach, Fl

CAT House, Key Biscayne, Fl

43 Star Island Residence, Star

   Island, Miami Beach, Fl

Residence for Oak Lakes

   Develop., Hialeah Gardens, Fl

Cignarale Villa, Coral Gables, Fl

Mr. & Mrs. Bernardo Garcia

   Residence, Cocoplum, Fl

Eurotech Residence, Dade

   County, Fl

Mr. & Mrs. Brandino Residence,

   Key Biscayne, Fl

Redlands Residence and Pasofino

   Stables, Dade County, Fl

Kohn Residence at Pine Street

   Drive, Miami Beach, Fl

Mr. Musso Residence, Gables

   Estates, Fl

Khoudaris Apartment, M.Beach, Fl




Goodwill Industries Sewing

   Facilities, Miami, Fl

ROS Industries Warehouse

   Facilities, Dade County, Fl

AGA Flowers Office & Warehouse

   Facility, Miami, Fl

Circuit City Service Facility

   Warehouse, Dade County, Fl

Circuit City Central Storage

   Warehouse, Dade County, Fl

Clover Systems Office &

   Warehouse Facilities, Dade

   County, Fl

Diaz international Co. Warehouse

   Facilities, Dade County, Fl

Regal Airfreight Services Loading

   Dock & Refrigeration Bldg.

   Miami, Fl

Key Power Test Cell Building,

   Miami, Fl

Florida Power & Light Warehouse,

   Riviera Beach, Fl

Capital Air Conditioning Corp.

   Expansion, Dade County, Fl

Precious Metals Corp. Processing

   & Central Facilities,

   Opa Locka, Fl

Cordis Manufacturing Facilities

   Evaluation, Miami, Fl

Latimar Seafood Cold Storage &

   Processing Warehouse, Miami,Fl

Barzana Warehouse, International

   Mall Park, Miami, Fl

Jaffer Warehouse Bldg, Miami, Fl



Lawnwood Medical Center

   Cafeteria & Kitchen

   Remodeling, Ft Pierce,Fl

Flagler Memorial Park,

   Miami, Fl

Modular Jail 50-bed Inmate

   Medium Security

   Facility, Plantation

   Key, Fl

Modular Jail 60-bed Inmate

   Medium Security

   Facility, Isla Morada,Fl Goodwill Main Facility

   Inspection & Evaluation,

   Miami, Fl

21st Street Community

   Center, Miami Beach, Fl

Collier County Jail and

   Justice Center,

   Naples, Fl

Fire Station #2 Remodeling,

   Miami Beach, Fl

Little Havana Community

   Center Renovation and

   Expansion, Miami, Fl

South Miami Hospital

   Central Fire Alarm

   System Upgrading, South

   Miami, Fl

Sunland Training Center

   Addition, Dade County,Fl




Good Shepherd Church at

   Kendall, Dade County, Fl

Church Iglesia Emaus, Dade

   County, Fl

Alpha & Omega Church

   Expansion & Remodeling,

   Miami, Fl

Church Our Lady Of Lebanon,

   Miami, Fl

St. Justin Church Miscel.

   Services, M.M. 82,

   Florida Keys, Fl

Church of Our Lady Of

   Mercy, Coral Gables, Fl

Chapel Renovation and

   Expansion, Bldg T-314,

   Vint Hill Farms, VA




Baptist General Hospital

   Medical Facility,

   Beacon Center, Miami, Fl

CAC Clinica Asociacion

   Cubana Main Building

   Renovation, Miami, Fl

CAC Clinica Asociacion

   Cubana Satellite

   Offices, Miami, Fl

Mediphysics Offices and

   Clean Room Facilities,

   Dade County, Fl

Starkey Laboratories

   Hearing Aids Retail and

   Service Center, Miami,Fl

Nancy's Daycare Center,

   Miami, Fl




Plaza at James Street,

   68-bed ACLF & Medical

   Facility, M.Beach, Fl Renaissance House, 90-bed

   2-story ACLF North Miami

   Beach, Fl

Point Biscayne, 120-bed

   ACLF Preliminary Study,

   Miami, Fl

Shady Rest, 94-bed ACLF

   Preliminary Study, Opa

   Locka, Fl




Computer College at Plaza Italia

   Shopping Center, Miami, Fl

Yeshiva Toras School Remodelling

   & Upgrading, Miami Beach, Fl

Saint Agnes Church Grade School

   Classroom, Key Biscayne, Fl

Saint Agnes Church Middle

   School Bldg, Key Biscayne, Fl

Carrollton School of the Sacred

   Heart, Coconut Grove, Fl

Nursery School Special Education,

   Goodwill Industries, Dade

   County, Fl




Duany/Zyberk-Platter Architects

   Main Office, Miami, Fl

Trelles Architects Offices, Coral

   Gables, Fl

CCG Development Co. Office Bldg.,

   Miami, Fl

CCG Architectural Design Offices,

   Coconut Grove, Fl

American Bankers Insurance

   Group (ABIG) Executive

   Offices, Miami, Fl

Dr. Jaffer's Offices, N. Miami, Fl

Venezuelan Airlines (CAVN)

   Headquarters, Miami, Fl

JML Offices, Bird Road & Ludlum

   Shopping Center, Miami, Fl

Government Offices, Northside

   Shopping Center, Miami, Fl

Ravenswood Office Center,

   Broward County, Fl

One Turnberry Tower Office

   Building Complex, Broward

   County, Fl

Tamuz Corp. Office Building,

   Grand Cayman, Bahamas

Cabrera's Law Offices, Miami, Fl

Rodriguez Accounting Offices,

   Coral Gables, Fl

Comprehensive Rehabilitation

   Offices, Miami, Fl

Citicorp Savings Offices, South

   Miami, Fl

The Wackenhut Corp. Executive

   Offices, South Miami, Fl

SBS Central Office & UPS

   Computer Room, Caribank

   Tower, Miami, Fl

Chase Bank Training Center,

   Miami, Fl

Pan American Bank, North Miami

   Beach, Fl

Brickell S & L, Miami, Fl

ARCO Towers Base Building Office

   Spaces, Los Angeles, CA

The Bonaventure Hotel, Office &

   Retail Spaces, Los Angeles, CA

Bank of America Branch Offices,

   Los Angeles, CA

Lincoln S & L Office Branches,

   Los Angeles, CA

Crocker Bank Computer Room

   Installation, Los Angeles, CA

Benton & Bolles Advertising Main

   Offices, Los Angeles, CA



Island Treasures at CocoWalk,

   Coconut Grove, Fl

COMPUSA (Software House), Park

   Center, Miami, Fl

Phlantasia at CocoWalk, Coconut

   Grove, Fl

Centro Casa Pellas, Managua,


The Whitehouse at CocoWalk,

   Coconut Grove, Fl

The Wild Pair at The Galleria,

   Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Rare Books Store at Virginia

   Street, Coconut Grove, Fl

E.T. Legg, Broward County, Fl

Surfside Drugstore, Miami

   Beach, Fl

Perfumania Downtown Store,

   Miami, Fl

Perfumania Coral Way Store, Coral Gables, Fl

Supercuts, Dade County, Fl

Radio Shack, Broward County, Fl

Kiki, The Falls Shopping Center,

   Miami, Fl

One-Hour Photo Processing Lab,

   Broward Mall, Fl

My Friend's Animal Clinic,

   Stirling Square, Broward

   County, Fl

A'Leon Business Machines,

   Miami, Fl

Starkey Laboratories Hearing

   Aids, Park Center, Miami, Fl

NICO Company, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

NABI II at Park Center, Miami, Fl

TRW at Park Center, Miami, Fl

Quality Stamp Corporation, Dade

   County, Fl

Caribe Hearing Aid, Miami, Fl

Waterford Westwood, Bal Harbour

   Shops, Bal Harbour, Fl

Bingo Hall, Broward County, Fl

Eye Optics, Broward Cty Mall, Fl

MATO Store, Coral Springs, Fl

Pottery and Artifacts,

   Hollywood, Fl


Lobo Jack at Kendall Town &

   Country Mall, Miami, Fl

Overseas Electronics Expansion,

   Hialeah, Fl

The Meat Store, Key Biscayne, Fl

Dr. S. Cohen Dental Office,

   Miami, Fl Beach, Fl

Total Chrome Film Development,

   Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Video World Outlet, Fort

   Lauderdale, Fl

Luomo at Aventura Mall, North

   Miami, Fl

Pacific Telephone Co. Customer

   Retail Outlets, Los Angeles, CA

The Bonaventure Hotel Interior

   Decorative Lighting, L.A., CA




The New Hialeah Flea Market, Opa

   Locka, Fl

Florida Automobile Radio Facilities

   Stores 1 & 2, Dade County, Fl

Food Lyon Supermarket, Pinellas

   County, Fl

North Miami Beach Marina, North

   Miami Beach, Fl

Marina Park Hotel Expansion

   and Remodeling, Miami,Fl

Alliston Hotel Inspection

   and Evaluation, Miami

   Beach, Fl

Mayfair II Hotel, Coconut

   Grove, Fl

Burdines Loading Dock Area

   Remodeling, Dadeland Mall,

   Miami, Fl

Bal Harbour Shops 2nd Level

   Expansion, Bal Harbour, Fl

Ticket Booths and Parking Lot

   Expansion, Bal Harbour, Fl

X-tra Food Stores, Bird Road,

   Miami, Fl

Jorge & Pepe Supermarket,

   Northside Shopping Center,

   Miami, Fl

Plants-In-Design, Redlands, Fl

Rivas Nursery Corp, Broward

   County, Fl



Rite-Aide Drugstore Shopping

   Center, Miami Beach, Fl

Ng Wing Shopping Center, North

   Miami, Fl

Shores Square Shopping Center,

   Miami Shores, Fl

Towncentre Shopping Mall,

   Nassau, Bahamas

The Marketplace, Gainesville, Fl

Alvarez Shopping Centers I, II

   & III, Miami, Fl

Stirlingwood Pad Shopping

   Center, Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Boca Green Shopping Center,

   Boca Raton, Fl

Diplomat Mall Remodeling,

   Hallandale, Fl

Chase Federal at Diplomat Mall,

   Hallandale, Fl

Victoria's Cookies at Diplomat

   Mall, Hallandale, Fl

Cache Stores, Los Angeles, CA

Ann Francis, Diplomat Mall,

   Hallandale, Fl

Radio Shack at Diplomat Mall,

   Hallandale, Fl

Watch & Jewelry Store, Diplomat

   Mall, Hallandale, Fl

Michelle's Baggette, 163rd

   Street Mall, North Miami, Fl

Discom Securities, Diplomat

   Mall, Hallandale, Fl

Diplomat Mall Parking Lot

   lighting, Hallandale, Fl



The Improv at CocoWalk, Coconut

   Grove, Fl

Baja Beach Club at CocoWalk,

   Coconut Grove, Fl

Club A, Coconut Grove, Miami, Fl

M & M Restaurant, Coconut

   Grove, Miami, Fl

La Cambernet Restaurant,

   Coconut Grove, Fl

Jardin Breselien Restaurant at

   Bayside Shop. Center, Miami,Fl

Charcoal's Restaurant & Lounge,

   Town & Country, Kendall, Fl

Charcoal's Restaurant & Lounge,

   Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Sempers Restaurant & Nightclub,

   Waldorf Towers, M. Beach, Fl

The Waldorf Towers Bar & Grill,

   Miami Beach, Fl

Los Ranchos Restaurant,

   The Falls, Dade County, Fl

Los Ranchos Restaurant, Town &

   Country Mall, Dade County, Fl

Los Ranchos Restaurant Addition,

   Bayside, Miami, Fl

Tavern By The Bay, Bayside

   Shopping Center, Miami, Fl

Ponderosa Restaurant, Davie, Fl

El Novillo II Restaurant, Ludlum

   Shopping Center, Miami, Fl

El Novillo III Restaurant, 13615

   South Dixie, Miami, Fl

Il Forno Restaurant, Coconut

   Grove, Fl

Night Of The Iguana Restaurant,

   Miami Beach, Fl

Genji Japanese Restaurant, The

   Falls Shopping Ctr, Miami, Fl

Superlechon Restaurant, Hia. Fl

Monserrate Restaurant, Miami, Fl

Beacon Hotel Bar & Grill, Lobby

   Remodeling, Miami Beach, Fl

Villa Habana, Coral Gables, Fl

Villa Italia, Miami, Fl

Sun Restaurant, Miller Shopping

   Center, Miami, Fl

Churchill's Restaurant

   Remodeling, Downtown Miami,Fl

Sy's Restaurant, Miami Beach, Fl

Natural Feast Restaurant,

   Bonaventura Hotel, L.A., CA




GABE'S Restaurant Prototypes,

   Miami Fl

GABE'S Restaurant at 103rd St,

   BJ's Wholesale Club,

   Hialeah Gardens, Fl

Burger King Restaurant, Tampa,Fl

Burger King Restaurant,

   Melbourne, Fl

Burger King Restaurant,

   Riverside, Fl

Burger King Restaurant, Palm

   Harbour, Fl

Mangia Eatery, Broward Cty, Fl

Yogurt Paradise, Hialeah, Fl

Irma's Ice Cream Parlor, Miami, Fl

Dan's Rotisserie, Broward Cty, Fl

Bassett's Ice Cream, Miami, Fl

Lobo Jack, Town & Country Mall,

   Kendall, Fl

Wilner Ice Cream Store, Costa

   Mesa, CA




Goodwill Industries, Miami, Fl

Kitchen Palace, Northside

   Shopping Center, N.Miami, Fl

Kitchen & Cafeteria, DCSB Kinlock

   Park Jr. High, Miami, Fl

Kitchen & Cafeteria, DCSB Carol

   City Jr. High, Carol City, Fl